Codemash 2018!

Lightning Talks are 6-minute prepared talks. You can use slides, or not, and you can talk about anything you want. You can use the link below to submit your own talk. We'll be going through the talks in order of proposal. We've not had a year, yet, where we didn't get through everyone. So, if you sign up, you are pretty much guaranteed a spot! So, sign up now!
Please no pitches or advertising for your company!

When: January 10, 2018 at 7pm
Organizer: Corey Haines
Check out these awesome submitted talks!
  1. Nathan Loding - How my daughters chemo made me a better consultant

    My daughter went through 14 months of chemotherapy for a rare disease. What we experienced was obviously life changing, but in some unexpected ways. How I frame questions to clients has completely changed. And yes, I blame the chemo for that!

  2. David Neal - The Story of the Seed

    A short story for kids and *big* kids alike. A story of discovering and unleashing the awesomeness that is within us all.

  3. Matthew Renze - Machine Learning: You Meatbags Had Your Chance!

    In this short and entertaining talk we'll learn what machine learning is, why it is important, and how it will impact you, your career, and our world.

  4. Heather Wilde - How To Work From Anywhere (And have fun while doing it)

    Over 10 years ago, I ditched the traditional office life for that of a digital nomad. Since then, I’ve traveled around the globe in a constant whirlwind. Learn about the ups, the downs, and how to stay sane in this crazy life.

  5. Mike Cornell - My Left Eyeball: An OM Story

    A story about how I discovered I have a rare orphan deadly cancer, and how I'm fighting it and became a living unit test.

  6. Keith Kurak - Shake it up with React Native Expo: write mobile apps from your phone's browser, evade App Store police, and more!

    React Native on it's own is a cool way to write native cross-platform apps in JavaScript. We'll take a quick look here at Expo, which makes it way easier to get started in mobile app development, with their magical client app that can "play" your app on your device over the wifi's, OTA JavaScript updates, app-building cloud services, and more.

  7. Anthony Eden - FIRST: Creating Technology Leaders by Building Robots

    At the time of this talk, FIRST will have announced the 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition game format for the FIRST Robotics Competition. In this lightning talk I will introduce FIRST and tell you about the experience I've had so far in my first 4 months of involvement with my local High School team.

  8. Aaron Aldrich - Better Living Through Storytelling

    As a species, we tell stories daily. All our cognitive biases come down to the fact that our brain is telling us stories on a daily basis. If we can understand how to better use stories in our lives, we can become more effective communicators and influencers in our organizations.

  9. Damian Synadinos - Science, Software, and Scissors

    In this talk I will compare the scientific method against the software development life cycle and conduct an experiment to empirically prove which is most important: design, development, or testing.

  10. Joe Duncko - Why you should care about Bitcoin

    Lots of people are talking about Bitcoin because of the recent rise in its monetary value, but many people don't fully understand the problems Bitcoin is trying to solve and how it's trying to solve them. In this talk I give a quick overview of 3 economic problems Bitcoin attempts to address and how it tries to address them.

    I've done this lightning talk at PyOhio 2017, and have slides at that'll be slightly modified if I get accepted into Code Mash's lightning talks.

    Thanks so much for this opportunity!
    ~Joe Duncko

  11. Bill Horvath - Conscious Capitalism

    What is the Conscious Capitalism movement? Who's involved? Why should you care? In this lightning talk, I'll provide a brief overview of what Conscious Capitalism is, where it's headed, and how you can you can engage your organization and community in this progressive business phenomenon.

  12. Nathan Schlehlein - VIVA LOS FLYOVER STATES

    If you are attending CodeMash there is a pretty good chance that you, yes you, live in a flyover state.

    You could get mad, you could emulate the hip styles of the coasts, but... This isn't productive and no one deep down really likes to wear tight jeans. Why not kick back and have fun observing all the cool stuff flying over?

    One way to observe the cool stuff flying over is with radio! There is a ton of cool stuff out there that is begging us to observe it.

    In this lightning talk we'll track planes, satellites, space stations and whatnot using a cheap USB device (a device that was originally intended to watch boring European television) and some wire. Oh and software. Always with the software.

  13. Russell McMahon - A look at computer humor from the past

    Humor involving computers has been around since the first computer, but really took off in the 1980s when microcomputers became part of everyone’s lives This lightning talk will examine some of the witty and satirical amusements found in pictures and words related to the electronic brains that the speaker has found over the years with an examination of how some of the humor has evolved over time.

  14. Umang Nahata - Let's play "Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe" and have some fun !!!

    Tic-Tac-Toe is a simple game and if you have played this game long enough (like me), you sure know the moves to win the game (or end the game in a draw).

    In these 6 minutes, I will introduce you to "Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe" which adds an interesting twist to the classic game. This new version of Tic-Tac-Toe will keep you and your opponent on your toes...

  15. Jeff Fesler - Teaching Programming to Non-Programmers

    Quicken Loans wants to provide the opportunity for some of our team members to be able to be full fledged enterprise developers (C#, PHP, Progress). There are plenty of people out there that can code, but just don't right now. Teaching people is a lot different than programming a computer, but there are lessons from software craftsmanship that can help even an engineer teach people. See my own pitfalls and lessons learned from trying my hand at teaching and mentoring people that haven't coded before.

  16. Nathan Mendel - How Improv Improved My Life

    One engineer takes an improv class, and his life changes.

    What is improv? Why should I care? Is it only for actor-types? Why would “yes, and” matter when I’m not performing? All this and more, in this 6-minutes or less!

  17. Steven Hicks - The 401, I always happened summer.

    Sarah Sexton and Jennifer Marsman presented a workshop on Tuesday on Recurrent Neural Networks. This talk is what happens when a developer who knows nothing about machine learning tries to generate a TED Talk based on a data-set of TED Talk transcripts. Depending on how far my overworked PC gets with training the data, this talk may be awful...or it may be worse than awful. Let's find out together!

  18. Ryan Booz - Power BI Custom Data Connectors: Your Data, Delivered

    The new preview feature in Power BI lets us access data in nearly any format to empower your business and users. Here's why were excited about the possibilities.

  19. Laura Booz - An Ever-FIxed Mark: You, Your Child, and Shakespeare

    Looking for a meaningful way to connect with your child outside of screens? You may not believe it, but you can find a lasting connection with your child through the pages of a Shakespearean play. Learn about a simple strategy that works for children of (almost) all ages and is guaranteed to improve your and your child’s grasp of universal truths, vocabulary, and literary themes. (Translated: “higher SAT scores!” and increased academic enjoyment for sure!) But most importantly, it will improve your connection as a family, which is more valuable than all of the perfect test scores in the world.

Submission Guidelines

Slide format: We'll be running off a central computer, most likely a mac, so PDF or online slides are preferred. I can't guarantee that powerpoint format will be supported.
Slide Delivery: I'll be contacting people for their slide decks. If you want to be super awesome, email me your deck ahead of time. The deadline to send them will be Tuesday, January 9th.